Monday, October 26, 2015

Planned Parenthood Needs to Go

“We’ve become very good at getting hearts and lungs and livers. So I’m not gonna crush that part. I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact” That’s how Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services explained to a potential customer (who held a concealed camera) how unborn baby body parts are routinely harvested for profitable reuse.
The president of Planned Parenthood attempted an apology for the callousness of the words uttered by Dr. Deborah Nucatola at a business lunch. Nucatola sipped wine and stabbed idly at her salad while talking to the “customer,” as though it was all routine; there was no sign of reluctance or remorse. Just “crush”, sip, swallow; ”crush”, sip, swallow, ad nauseam. Oh, it was never denied that Nucatola’s words accurately reflect PP’s prescribed method of gleaning parts. The president apologized only for the tone in which the butcher doctor explained her method. Even this apology was not sincere, only mouth music.
Can somebody out there please explain to me how a doctor who presumably became a doctor in order to attend the healing of the sick and infirm and took the Hypocratic Oath (the first tenet of which states, “First of all, do no harm) to that effect, could waste her knowledge and expertise ripping unborn babies from their mother’s wombs and cutting them up, seeking salable parts to sell to the highest bidder? One of these female abortionists said she planned to make enough money selling these parts to buy a Lamborghini. She aspired to high goals (and the butchering of many babies). There is something lacking in these PP females. Call me old fashioned, but I was under the impression woman had a higher level of compassion for children than most men. But for some of the gentler sex all that’s needed is to wave a handful of greenbacks their way and they’ll stoop to anything. (Men are susceptible to greed also, but the subject here is butchering babies inside and sometimes outside the womb done by women at PP. It’s a practice men are involved in also, but I would think women would shun and fight against it because of a (reputed) innate maternal instinct. But wave a few bucks and pfft, the instinct goes away.)
This gal Nucatola, likely after slugging down a bit too much fruit of the vine, went on to explain to her “customer” how the abortion doctor will “actually try to change the presentation (of the birth) so that it’s not vertex (head first). That means intentionally delivering the baby feet or bottom first in order to cause “dilation,” which makes it easier for the abortionist to “evacuate an intact calvarium (head) at the end.”  Evacuate =  abscond with the infants brain.
Notice the use of scientific names for the body parts of the infants. Could this be an attempt to avoid subscribing humanity to them? Why not say “head” and “head first?” Evacuate the calvarium, a euphemism of scooping out the brain and shipping ioy off to who knows where. Could it be that it’s easier to kill the little critters if, while you’re at it, you’re not thinking of them as children? Must be.
Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum in a piece written for Whistleblower magazine asks a poignant question. “Aside from the apparent illegality of such activities, how did we reach the point in our country where an organization, led by persons with such lack of conscience, was able to attain such power, influence and respectability that its president addressed the last Democratic National Convention? (That was the same convention whose delegates booed a motion to recognize God)” Says something about Democrats, doesn’t it.
Planned Parenthood has seen huge government largesse, in tune with the deep-pocketed feminists love of Roe v. Wade. Last year the organization pocketed $500 million of your money to order to continue the murder of the unborn? (It’s been said some of these little fellas are alive when they come into the world – only then are they butchered. So they are not all “unborn.”
 My God, man, where does it end?) By the way, your president, while a state senator, voted three times against a bill that would allow babies born alive – those who survive the abortion process - to be cared for by the attending doctor (there’s a lucky catch for a parent, huh?) The president and many of his democrat cronies thought it okay to kill these children also. This, of course, to appease feminist donors.
Folks, after the deaths of 60 million of the nation’s youngest children, it’s time to end the slaughter. Women have shown that given “choice” they are incapable of handling the responsibility of caring for and guiding the lives of their offspring. They’ve gone off on a near half-century of glee and slap-happy sexual promiscuity knowing there was a taxpayer funded way to free themselves of the drudgery of raising their children. Just “go have it taken care of.” It’s easy, and you avoid the responsibility of motherhood. It’s so convenient (93 percent of abortions are done for the sake of convenience.). Yep, it’s true.
It’s time to end state and federal taxpayer support for an organization that provides  little of value, promotes nothing to the general welfare, and is run by people who lack even a semblance of common decency when addressing the dignity of human life.
Let’s cut the purse strings, then concentrate on abolishing the law that makes most of  what goes on there legal. Sixty million tiny souls lost forever. That’s the population of a good-sized country, for crying out loud. What are we waiting for? Until they kill another sixty million? Another good-sized country?
Enough is enough!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

No Time for "Life"

I’m a gregarious sort. I’ve been known to start a conversation with just about anybody I happen to be standing near. In fact, I used to embarrass the bejesus out of my kids that way. I haven’t changed. I’ve had some pretty darned interesting talks with people I just start talking to, out of the blue.
I go to the Y just about every weekday, sometimes on Saturdays for a swim. Tuesday, I was pedaling a bicycle, there was a young woman on the machine next door. Fox News had an item on discussing the Planned Parenthood fiasco, and the next thing I know we’re talking about this “choice” business. As might be expected, most of the people in my milieu of friends choose life. I was, however, not surprised when this chick announced she was for “choice”, which as we know, means no choice for the unborn. I did manage to hold my tongue – up to a point.
“So you think its okay for a woman to have her baby killed, for the sake of convenience?” I asked, trying to sound off-handed about the whole thing.
“It’s not a baby; they said it was an inviable tissue mass.”
“Who said?”
“Our health teacher, in school. She said when it was inside the mother, it was not a baby.”
My God, another clueless high school science teacher. Or a liberal one. Or both. I rue the future of America’s high school students. But they’ve already been given a royal screwing by the education system in New York state.
“Of course it’s a baby. What else could it possibly be? According to that way of thinking, you, me, everybody was an inviable tissue mass at one time. Look at us now! Aren’t we both glad some asshole didn’t chop us up to little pieces and flush us down the toilet. Or, tumble us alive out of the womb onto a butcher block and start cutting us up into “choice” cuts.
“They don’t do that!”
“Kermit Gosnell did it all the time. And, from what was said, there are many more abortionists out there dong the same thing. Planned Parenthood is just figuring out how to make more money from selling “choice” parts. One of their doctors was taped saying she planned to be more careful so she wouldn’t “crunch“ any valuable parts.
 “But if they’re inviable, who cares?”
 “The babies may be considered inviable inasmuch as they cannot sustain themselves outside the mother’s womb. No fetus can survive on its own. That ‘s why God gave them nine months to mature. Even then they need help; that’s why he gave them over to moms and dads to care for them. Babies were not intended to be killed by their mothers.
 “Actually, the right word is not inviable but inviolable – meaning sacred.”
She became reticent, sitting, thinking things over. I began to think I had perhaps reached her at some level, had her thinking differently about killing babies.
She broke the silence by stating she was pregnant and planning an abortion.
It was my turn to clam up and think about what she planned to do. I was angered by her admission, but I dared not let it show. I turned my gaze toward the television and watched the images move about. I wasn’t absorbing any of the content but thinking of how I might go about saving this woman’s baby’s life.
“Have you considered giving the baby up for adoption?” I asked.
“Nah (that was her word – nah). It’ll be better to have the abortion – you know, get it over with. I don’t want to bother being pregnant – too much hassle. I got to lead my life; a baby would be in the way.”
“Where do you work (although I was pretty sure I knew the answer)?”
“Nowhere,” she shrugged as if it didn’t matter.
Then she hit me with the zinger (the reason I decided to write this blog): Looking sad, she said, “I don’t want to bring anymore babies into this ugly world.”
What a noble thought.
I wanted to say it – I really wanted to yell it out, but I’m too much of a gentleman (or maybe chicken is a better word.). I wanted to say if the people being refused the right to live were like her, maybe we would all be better off not having them around. We have enough terrorists to worry about. We certainly don’t need to have them wielding knives in centers for women’s health, which is what “healthcare providers” at Planned Parenthood would like us to think about them.
But the young women idly pedaling her bike had one thing right: It can be an ugly world; people like her have made it that way. If there were no women wanting to destroy the “inviable tissue mass” weighing them down and interfering with their social lives, there would no need for abortionists.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Planned Parenthood - War on Life

The news of the undercover tapes showing Planned Parenthood managers discussing availability and pricing for spare baby parts was, to say the least, disturbing (and, not surpringly, no longer in the headlines). Abortion-on-demand is, at its core, wrong; totally, morally wrong. And, no, you can’t mitigate the wrong by pretending the fetus being brutally withdrawn from its place of creation, whole or possibly cut into pieces, or burnt with acid, to shrink it for easy removal, is not a developing human being but rather an inviable tissue mass. It ain’t so. To pretend otherwise apparently makes it easier to commit murder, doesn’t it?
What has occurred in this country for the past 42 years – the wholesale slaughter of 60 million innocents – is easily comparable to the Holocaust – the wholesale annihilation of 6 million Jews by the Nazis – only 10 times worse!
My God, women of America, what the hell are you doing in the name of freedom to do what you want with your bodies? Freedom of choice? It always means death for a baby, when you’re given a choice. You are permitted the freedom of ignoring your responsibility for becoming pregnant in the first place. Just “go and get rid of it”, that it? Sixty million tiny souls whisked away at your convenience.
 (You may be thinking this is merely the rantings of a jaded old conservative male, and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that’s the case; the truth, however, is quite different. I have been influenced, supported, and advised, if you will, by the women in my family and in our circle of friends – and all of the men! I was ready to cut a potential murderess some slack when rape and incest were the origins of the life in the crosshairs, but the women in the family and a goodly number of the others say that adoption is the best remedy. There is no excuse for killing babies. Life is always the way to go. And how you deprive these tiny humans the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. After all, were you not permitted these freedoms?
 You may feel good about your beliefs concerning abortion, within your milieu of friends – your support system, but the majority of women in this country have contrary feelings about killing their children for the sake of convenience, or for any other reason. When I think of all the married couples unable to find babies to adopt, and all those tossed in dumpsters, I, and many like me, are deeply saddened. And angry; deeply angry.
      What’s become of the women of America? All I hear is whining about the unfairness of the world in dealing with women. Meanwhile, they scratch and claw their way into the nation’s corporations, many successfully.  Democrats, especially the career political criminal Hillary Clinton, accuse Republicans of waging a war on women. Is the country unkind to women? I haven’t noticed it, if it’s true. On the other hand, if Clinton says it’s true, it almost certainly is not. There is (supposedly) a glass ceiling as far as wages go. The disparity is supposed to reflect the problem of biology, in that women are responsible for promulgating the species, one they’ve been more than happy to abrogate. That makes abortion-on-demand a handy tool to get ahead in corporate life, doesn’t it, ladies? Throw the kid inder the bus in order to move ahead in business. How noble.
“Well, Loosy Moosy,” says the boss, “I see your preggy again; I’ll have to pay family time benefits. Sorry, you’re canned.”
“No! Wait, Mr. Stonenuts,” wales Loosy Moosy, both hands holding the little mound of her belly, “all I need is a couple of days off. I’ll take care of it”
And Loosy Moosy races from the building. She returns three days later; the little mound of her belly is gone, her stomach is flat, and there is a haunted look in her eyes. (Nobody said it would be easy – just convenient.)
She reports to Stonenuts, who noticed the lack and, smiling, says, “Good job, Moosy, now you can have your raise.” How noble.
The denial of the humanity of an unborn child is absurd. Abortionists, particularly those immersed in the platitudes of the Planned Parenthood movement and should know better, claim otherwise. Abortion “doctors” have forsaken the Hippocratic Oath for the Hippocritical. But the false claim is belied by the very reason they were found  to be marketing human body parts in the first place. If the unborn children are not human (as they claim), why then are they being marketed for their human body parts? As usual, when trying to make sense of things related to the liberal spectrum of ideas, its tough to connect the dots.
What all this boils down to is, perhaps we should not get too hyped up over the nonexistent War on Women, but rather on the very real womens’ war on America’s children.


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