Sunday, November 8, 2015

Leftists Plot Ruin of Radio Talkers

When we last met we were into a one-way (that being me) discussion on this business of the Unholy Triumvirate – George Soros, Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton attacking conservative talk radio.

(By the way, how did we ever get a president named Barack Obama? Every time I write the name into the computer, it comes up underlined in red, which is the computer’s way of saying, “What the hell is this? This must be a mistake – erase it and start over.” A lovely idea, but we’re stuck with it for awhile.)

It seems like every time there is an America-destroying event being hidden from the view of the public, this asshole George Soros is leading the way. And always, right behind, is BO and HRC, hands hidden from the camera, but very likely scrounging deeply into the America destroyer’s back pocket. These two mooks will do anything Soros says as long as he keeps the coffers open. Typical politicians. There are Republican money grubbers in the tank with this communist prick also, but they are a subject for another time.

What does it matter that the Unholy Triumvirate (or you can refer to them as a troika, if you wish – a Russian word that fits) is out to shut down conservative talk radio. The fact that the goal is to accomplish the task BEFORE THE 2016 ELECTION should answer the question. The evil three are afraid the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Lars Larson, et al, will poison the electorate in favor of the Republican nominee! Face it, without these talkers on the air to cut through the crap fed to us by the Soros-paid-for media, in many cases, we wouldn’t know fact from fiction. With the media slanted the way it is, it will be mostly fiction.

There have been many occasions over the years when some bit of news came from the media, and I’m thinking maybe that don’t sound so bad! But later I’d hear Rush on the radio or tune into Hannity’s TV show and get an entirely different take. There was always something critical the media left out.  Lies by omission, the fodder of the left! Almost always, since BO has been around, the truth is bad for we the people. The man has NEVER signed a piece of legislation that favored the voters. Always something was taken away or something bad was given. Or it was just another lie. Remember Stimulus 2009? Almost a trillion (with a “t”) dollars to create jobs? But there were no jobs. And I doubt there have any since 2009. I believe none of economic reports that come form the government. It’s all bee-ess. (Last week it was reported the unemployment rate slipped down another couple of percentage points, to like 5.3 or something close. The actual unemployment rate has never been so high as now, for so long since the Depression. It’s more like 20 percent, for crying out loud. Such lies, always the lies. The report also noted 267,000 new jobs created. In a pig’s keister. If anything, it was closer to 7 or many likely -7.)

Let’s get back to the Unholy Triumvirate (the evil group of three). As we all are aware, George Soros, the communist from Hungary, which I think was one of the other countries he destroyed so he could steal its resources, is a multibillionaire (with a “b”). He might even have more money than Donald Trump. While Trump spends his (and other people’s) money to build things and create jobs, the communist daddy of BO and HRC uses his to destroy countries. Soros hates America and is out to destroy it. He’s done it before (maybe five times) so he’s good at it and he has a lot of money to put toward his dream of an America reduced to third-world status – no jobs, no opportunities, high taxes, lots of welfare (for the chosen people from south of the border) lousy but expensive healthcare, death panels: you get the idea.

Soros heads Soros Fund Management, a hugely successful company that pays him billions each year, and he uses his money to destroy our homeland. Liberal politicians fawn over the guy and are rewarded  Play Soros’ games, collect Soros’ money. One of the PACs he supports, Priorities USA Action, spent, get ready now, $75,000,000 to get BO elected twice. That amount of money and all of the cheating at the voting booths shows just how popular BO really was.

Soros funds a website, Media Matters for America, which is just a big hissy fit over the policies of the right. It’s liberal crap at it’s finest. They call everything conservatives believe in “misinformation. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. It is strongly suspected – in fact it’s a good bet, the founder and president of Media Matters is a wacko. ‘Tis said the man is paranoid and believes right wing “wackos’ are out to do him in. He carries a gun and supports a team of security people. So far, the right wing has been behaving itself. So far. (If he should this, those two words will drive him further over the edge.)

Soros et al is scheming to force the right wing talkers off the air before the election, so that at the time of the election, HRC will have complete control of media. With no right wing talkers, we’ll never hear the truth about anything. The plan is to intimidate and/or blackmail the advertisers of the shows into pulling their ads. No advertising money, no talk radio.

HOW IT WORKS: A guy named Angelo Canusone, a real left-winger, leads a team of hardcore left activists who blackmail and attack talk show advertisers online. According to a mailing from Radio America, they are, “Using automated (and illegal) software, these thugs flood advertisers with what appears to be thousands of demands to drop their support for conservative talk hosts. In reality, there’s no more than ten people doing the attacking.” It’s all bee-ess but, unfortunately, it works. Apparently, again according to the mailing, “advertisers are leaving (the talk shows) in droves – Clorox, Domino’s Pizza, Quicken Loans, JCPenney, Lowes, Sleep Number and to name a few. Perhaps, if enough people got involve, we could help by boycotting these companies but first be sure to tell them why we are refusing to buy from them. We can’t just let them get away with this.
This is the most critical issue of this pre-election season. If Hillary gains access to the White House, she will, without a doubt, finish the destruction of our homeland that BO started. Count on it.

If this kind of liberal skullduggery doesn't drive you crazy, wait until you read what comes next!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How the Left is Driving Us Crazy Pt. 2

Before we go much further in this series of How the Left is Driving Us Crazy, there is something I need to clarify.
I was talking to an acquaintance over the weekend and, as it does more and more these days, an inoffensive discussion about the World Series swerved into a rather heated debate on politics. Liberal Democrats refuse to give up their utopian ideas of an Obama-orchestrated PC world and how wonderful it will be. When told we’re nearly to that point now and the world doesn’t look so great, they get mad. Not at the failure of El Semi Uno’s PC world to bring about the utopian dream, but rather mad at me for bringing it up in the first place. I’m the bad guy. Obama is great.
The piss ant with whom I was speaking finally referred to yours truly as a Republican Party wonk, meaning I represented all that the Republican Party stood for and had no ideas of my own, yadda, yadda. When I asked him what that was, he had no answers – liberals seldom do. For the most part, they are a stupendously stupid bunch, reminiscent of a herd of sheep, one of the most stupid animals God ever created. In this particular case, I had no answers either, meaning I don’t know, anymore, what the Republican Party represents. I doubt if it represents much of anything. Party wonks are too busy trying to appease the president rather than working toward the fulfillment of conservative ideals, the espousal of which are, in most cases, what got them elected in the first place (and that they will again espouse when re-election looms.)
So, no, I am no Republican Party wonk. I am, however, a conservative wonk. It is conservative ideals that made America the great country it is  (or was). There is not a single liberal principle (if there is such a thing) that contributes to the betterment of Western civilization. Liberals have concerned themselves with how to destroy our culture and, with El Semi Uno leading the way, and they are succeeding. Obama is not a failure as a president, as so many talking heads on TV and friends and acquaintances claim. He is the most successful president who ever held the office. He said he would “fundamentally transform America” and he has done so.
If we have any chance to rebuild the America we once knew and return it to its former glory, we must completely renounce the liberal agenda. Everything must go. There is nothing about it worth keeping. We must make a determined effort to instill conservative principles in our children and adult voters, namely those ideals and practices that made our country great in the first place. What are these great ideals and practices to which I refer? Listen up:
We conservatives believe in small government, not a bloated bureaucracy that over-taxes half the population in order to play nanny to the other half, at the same time pandering for its vote. With small government comes lower taxes; people get to keep the money they have earned. Government produces nothing but takes freely from producers. With small government there are fewer regulations, therefore fewer taxes needed to pay government regulators. With less federal government comes less federal interference in states’ affairs, as proscribed by the 9th amendment.
Conservatives believe in a “citizens right to keep and bear arms.” Conservative politicians don’t sneak around making guns and ammunition difficult to buy, with a view to banning guns altogether sometime soon. (I know a guy who got into trouble with the law 50 years ago and cannot buy a gun).The right to keep and bear arms is also named in the Bill of Rights under the 2nd Amendment. What’s there about “a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed “ don’t these the president's minions understand?
While we’re on the subject of the Constitution, which is nothing but a mere annoyance to liberals, it is the Law of the Land for conservatives, who believe in the rule of law. An ordered society is not possible without rules to moderate our behavior. Society moves along smoothly when the people in it abide by the law. When the rules become an annoyance, something to be skirted when in the way, ignored when preventing the “progression” of illegal activities, society becomes a mess, such as it is today. Society wasn’t always a mess. It’s messy today because of the activities of a corrupt liberal government that frequently violates the precepts of the Constitution.
Two examples were discussed above; here’s another: The 1st Amendment states that we are free to speak our minds, congregate peacefully when and with whom we please, attend the church of our choice, say what needs to be said in the press, and complain to the government when we have been wronged by it.
Political correctness is a flagrant violation of the freedom of speech, and it gets worse every day. Colleges and universities are the worst offenders, with the current administration running a close second. Congregate with whom you please – just remember your actions are on camera. Our government harbors Islamists in the White House. Those who espouse this religion openly state their intent to make America an Islamist country; we will have no choice in the matter. Oh, and by the way, it’s all supposed to be kept quiet. They are sneaking up on us. Go to the press with your story – keep in mind the media jumped in bed with the Socialists years ago. The media is plainly another branch of the corrupt government. Very often those who complain to the government about the government wind up without jobs. They are known as whistleblowers and are treated as an annoyance rather than honest people reporting a crime or a violation of rules. Most are treated shabbily.
I hope you enjoyed reading this. We’ll continue with our conversation on How the Left is Driving Us Crazy and talk about what it means to be a conservative next time.

Monday, November 2, 2015

How the Left is Driving Us Crazy Pt. 1

I hope you will all agree with me that it’s maddening that one of our major political parties must lie continuously to forward its agenda. (Of course we have another one that has no agenda, but that’s a subject for another time.)
I have wondered aloud (as it were) in this space on a number of occasions why the leanings of the left are diametrically opposed to the tenets of conservatism. I can think of no issue in which liberals and conservatives agree. Why is that? It is known, though by no one on the left, that conservative beliefs were responsible for the creation of the greatest civilization the world has ever known – the one the left is anxious to tear apart. There is no sane reason to want to do this. They’ve only made things worse.
For instance, liberal educators brought “sight reading” to the schools in an effort to replace phonics, a tried and true method of teaching grade school children to read.  The experiment didn’t work, of course, but what it did do was create several generations of kids with poor reading skills. High schools and colleges were forced to hire teachers to train children to do the things the grade schools failed to do. Why would the left do such a thing? One line of thought says that the purpose of producing youngsters who had difficulty reading was to turn them away from reading and prevent them from educating themselves. That way, it is said, the left found it easy to push forward their nefarious agenda by keeping the populace in the dark intellectually. And if it hadn’t been for the kids showing poorly on standardized tests, the progressives (the left likes us to believe progressivism is the pursuit of progress, principally through more enlightened and compassionate social organization, while conservatives consider “progressive” to be a sneaky catchall euphemism for socialists and Marxists and communists and all that rot) would have gotten away with it. If the knowledge that there are people in the education field so evil as to withhold the ability to read from the nation’s school children in order to forward their agenda doesn’t drive you crazy, keep reading.
Just last week we touched on the subject of abortion and Planned Parenthood (an obvious misnomer inasmuch as this outfit isn’t planning on any parenthood or, for that matter, on allowing childhood. The fact that it is legal to destroy the life of a child right up to the time of natural birth is wrong, awfully wrong. The very idea should drive you crazy.
While we’re on the subject of children and how they have been victimized by the “progressive” movement, both before and after their entry into the world, let’s have a look at the families that should be raising them. There is no serious sociologist who will not agree that the absence of a father in the household is the worse possible scenario for children. (Sorry, girls, no matter what you think, you are no substitute for a having a man in the house, preferably a husband, not a revolving door of “daddies” and “Uncle Joes.” These are not “men” but Joe the Grinders.)
According to Phyllis Schlafly, lawyer, author of many books on children’s education and president of the Eagle Forum (see her website): “Father absence is devastating for children … it is the single most reliable predictor for a whole roster of negative outcomes: low self-esteem, parental alienation, high school dropouts (71 percent are fatherless) truancy, early sexual activity, promiscuity, teen pregnancy, gang membership, imprisonment (85 percent are fatherless) drug abuse, homelessness (90 percent of runaways have an absent father), a 40 percent higher risk of sexual abuse and a 100 percent higher risk of fatal abuse (good ole Joe the Grinder at work, very likely).
Schlafly continues: Why haven’t the facts of fatherlessness made a dent in the family law system?” she asks. “In a word – ideology.” In other words, the Democrat Party, which benefits enormously from the destruction of the family. Polls repeatedly show married voters vote Republican, while unmarried people tend to vote the liberal Democrat ticket – by a 30 percent margin. Liberals need broken families to survive. The wreckage of the American family renders us incapable of having limited government because it is necessary that government step in to replace “daddy”, re-form the nuclear family, and provide a welfare check.
It’s difficult to believe that many decades ago, Marxist revolutionaries (followed by those  who call themselves progressives) conspired to slowly, inexorably destroy American culture, the religion –Christianity– that underpinned it, and the nuclear family, for which it had been created. Their goal was to fundamentally transform the United States of America. So this president isn’t the first one to come up with the idea of destroying our homeland. That not only drives me crazy, it really pisses me off.
There are some other aspects of the culture intended to drive us crazy, but let’s take a break and we’ll pick it up again in the middle of the week.

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