Monday, February 29, 2016

Trump: Talk Issues Not Insults

I don’t know what you guys think, but I think the Republican frontrunners have gone way overboard with their insults for one another. Donald Trump started the whole thing by being rude to everybody. Now, it seems that the other ones think the only way to get votes is to insult the competition. This is bullshit.
As a voter, I don’t want to hear insults from the candidates. I want to hear their plans for the country. Our country is in deep trouble, put there by liberal Democrats (oops, sorry, they wish to be called progressives now – ah, screw ’em!), who are battling for the privilege of continuing their destruction. H. Clinton is near salivating over the chance to continue the carnage brought on by the putz Obama. She has the annihilation of the first and second amendments square in her sights. She wants to do what she damn well pleases (sound familiar?) and limit what can legally be said about it and she doesn’t want anybody shooting at her either.
Actually, I’m not sure which party has put forth the worst candidates. The Democrats have the criminal H. Clinton and a sad-sack Socialist named Sanders. Neither of which is presidential material. But Democrat voters will be dipped if they’ll vote for something other than a Democrat. Doesn’t matter who it is, they have to vote for a Democrat. Meanwhile any one of the GOP candidates would make a better president. Any one of them.
Which takes us back to the GOP. I like Trump; I like the slogan: Make America Great Again! That’s great stuff, and it’s what we all should want. The only ones who seem to think otherwise are liberal Democrats, welfare people, and illegal immigrants. (Actually, they’re one and the same). What I don’t like about Trump is he doesn’t spend enough time talking up the issues – What? He can’t think of anything to talk about except Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio? And nothing good, of course. All he’s doing is tearing down the Republican Party. Now Rubio’s on the Insult Bandwagon, coming up with what he thinks are clever slurs against Trump, and he thinks he’s cute. A real stand-up comic. It must be because he has the Republican Establishment behind him with lots and lots of money. The Republican Establishment refuses to stand behind Trump. He’s not their kind of guy. There are other loud-mouth Republicans sounding off about refusing support for Trump. Don’t these fools realize they are telling the Republican voters who voted for Trump that their votes don’t matter? They don’t care what we want; they are the ones with the money, and they want what they want. Screw us! Jeb Bush is supposed to be a nice man, but the idea he spent more than $100 million in a failed campaign should tell these assholes something.
The one thing that is standing in the way of Donald Trump and the presidency is Donald Trump. He has to stop slinging insults at guys that don’t matter and start talking about what matters to voters. The blush is off the rose. The fact that he’s a political outsider is old news. He needs to get down to the real issues of a campaign – talk about what matters 

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