Monday, November 21, 2016

Is There Another Job BO Could Fail At

I apologize for my absence last week, but I haven’t been feeling well.

Besides that, I’ve been having some unwelcome thoughts about this election. Well, not so much the election itself – which I wholly approved of, but more the aftermath. What’s does the administration have in mind for the rest of BO’s reign? Good question.
I, as well as a number of other pundits who write, have been saying for sometime (at least two years in my case) that BO will not willingly walk away from the presidency. His narcissism will not permit him to acknowledge that someone else is as qualified for the office as he is. Certainly, no one is better qualified - and certainly not Donald Trump.
Ever notice that as far as the country has sunk into depression, our president has never, even once, admitted to screwing anything up. He often says things like, “There’s folks out there complaining about this or that, but there’s a whole lotta folks who I done a good job.” Of course he doesn’t bother to name any of those people, and I would not be surprised if some pretty adamant Democrats would not want to answer the question.
 To my mind, only the very silly voted for the Democrat candidate in this last election. The very silly and the stupid. I mean, let’s be serious here: Who in their right mind casts their vote for a person who is an obvious criminal and should be in a jail cell, not living at home in a mansion in Chautauqua. How can serious voters ignore all of the obvious corruption lurking in the House of Clinton? Answer: Serious voters could not, only nitwits could.
All of which begs the question as to why there are so many riots occurring around the country. Are there really so many disgruntled liberal voters, appalled by the election of Donald Trump and feel that abusing Republicans, and almost certainly, other Democrats will change the results of the election?
Of course, we all know by now that the rioters are bought and paid for by Democrats. George Soros, the crumb from Hungary, contributes millions to the cause as does Warren Buffet, the vaunted Oracle of Omaha, who sold out to liberal causes years ago. The DNC are also big contributors to the riots. The story is BO wants it to seems as though the whole country is out of control in the angst against the Trump selection, which would make it okay to declare martial law. As for as I’ve been able to tell, by what I’ve been able to read, he can set martial law, even though there’s a president-elect standing by. My guess is, an Obama dictatorship would put the kibosh on a Trump presidency, and give the incumbent free rein to plunder the country even further. Like I said, I doubt BO has any intention of walking away from power. What else would he do if he weren’t president? Is there some kind of work that he knows how to do? Is there a community organizer job available in Chicago? Is he good enough to qualify for the PGA? Or is president the only job he would fail at? 
Of course, this all may be hyperbole. There’s a good chance nothing of the kind will happen.

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