Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Left a Gaggle of Honking Geese?

I have plumb got tired of listening to the evening news – though Fox seems to get it right, still. I thought the creeps and howlies and things that go bump in the evening might back off after the election. I mean, the election is over, Donald J Trump is president, and there is nothing these screeching idiots can do about it.
Or is there? The hoots and jeers seem to strengthen daily as each morsel of lies and innuendo reach the ears of wacko aficionados ready to spew “false news” over the airways. There is no lie that is too farfetched for these nuts to forget about. The President and his men go dutifully about Making America a Better Place; the liberal Democrats do nothing but bellyache and moan, and make the betterment of America a tougher job than it needs to be.
One might say, “the commies have come home to roost.”  This is the same batch of crazed lunatics that were raising hell back in the sixties. I was there. These clowns blew up buildings, led riots, stayed stoned and, low and behold, they grew up to be anti-American lunatics. Students became socialist professors, law students evolved into liberal judges out to destroy the fabric of what realAmericans stood for. The dumbest of the bunch went to work for MSNBC and CNN and NBC and CBS and ABC. Yes, there were jobs for all the dumb asses. And they all had the same agenda.
They really are a shameless bunch of sonsabitches. Their candidate barely escaped jail time for treason. They are doing everything in their power to destroy the rightful president of the United States.
A lot of what’s going on falls on the heads of the media. It has, through its wide circulation, acquired much too much power. The left represents bullying in the extreme. Anyone who falls afoul of the media has a tough row to hoe. They never give up pounding away, until eventually, their prey succumbs and goes wherever it is dead media prey disappears to. The media has absolutely nothing else to do but pound, pound, pound away at whatever poor sap they’ve decided not to like today.
The last great newsman was none of these clowns we see on TV every night (with the exceptional of Bret Baier, who I think is hugely professional). The last great newsman was Walter Cronkite. Cronkite was anchor man for the CBS Evening News for most of twenty years. His was considered America’s most trusted newsman. And he was a flaming liberal democrat!
But you never knew it. Cronkite never once let his political affiliation known on the air. He considered such a disclosure a violation of trust. Wouldn’t the evening news be more civil if there were a few more Cronkites  serving up the nations news?
I am bored with watching the likes of Chris Matthews  and the “false news” reporters on CNN attempt to bully every conservative politician they can think of. People who watch liberal news should be getting it by now – THERE’S NO SUCH ANIMAL AS A DECENT CONSERVATIVE. Even if you actually believe that, don’t you get a little tired of hearing it? I mean I get a little tired of thinking of liberals as assholes. I know most of them are, but I tire of hearing it all the time.
For the media, and I suspect other rabid pinkos, all conservative flaws are character flaws. There are few, if any, “nice guy” conservatives. We are all some kind of morphrodites. We are certainly racists, all, homophobes, all, we think people should use the biologically appropriate lavatories, and, yes, we think President Trump should do his best to keep terrorists out of our country. (It galls me there are so many so-called Americans against this idea. I wonder what the lib opinion would be if Trump was a democrat?)
If other than liberals considered we conservatives flawed, I might be worried. But as I look at the bunch of them from where I sit, I see a gaggle of honking geese with nothing better to do but squawk and flap around. Just aired headed squawking. It been going on for years, and I suppose I got used to it. I started getting the idea about the gaggle back in the seventies. Just recently President Trump’s budget put the kibosh on the global-warming krap the left has been trying to saddle us with for the past, what?, thirty years?

I need only remember this was the same gaggle of screwballs that were howling about an Ice Age back in the seventies. It’s true – look it up! 

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