Monday, May 15, 2017

Libs Support the Ridiculous

As has become obvious over the years, Liberals have a fondness for the ridiculous. In fact they sponsor it, and always vote for it when something ridiculous shows up before Congress. These people have no clue as to what is ridiculous and that which makes sense.

To wit:

As most of you know the EPA is crammed right full of Liberals – I don’t know how this fact could possibly escape anyone, given the agency’s track record. It seems that about fifteen years ago a Cornell – yes an Ivy-League school, no less, where professors are supposed to have brains, professor, last name Gregg (first name unremembered) was granted permission to plant trees in Manhattan, and more in the surrounding rural areas. Professor Gregg naturally surmised the trees in the suburbs would grow better than those in the smog-laden, polluted city. But after three years the professor was shown to be wrong. Turns out the trees planted in the city grew much faster than those in the outskirts. Instead of accepting the obvious – that something in the pollution favored tree growth – CO2 perhaps? – the professor hatched a brand-new theory! The researcher theorized that pollution migrated from the city to stunt the growth of the country trees. It was further thought (and I must paraphrase): “I know this sounds crazy but it’s true. City-grown pollution – ozone in particular – is tougher on country trees. It is obvious to me that by the time ozone is formed by the pollution in the city, the air mass has moved out to the suburbs.”

The point here isn’t what caused the trees in the city to grow faster but that this college professor took it upon his-/ herself to make up something to cover for the unexpected evidence – that CO2 – a greenhouse gas - causes plants to grow. Duh!

Oh, by the way, as you probably guessed, the professor was hired by the EPA.

Who says you have to be half-smart to be a teacher? Think the term “dumbing down” is just an expression? The New York State Board of Regents doesn’t think so.

The board will no longer require teachers to pass the Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST) in order to become certified. After all, why should teachers have to be literate? The ALST proved controversial because black and Hispanic candidates passed it at significantly lower levels than white counterparts. The ruling comes after a federal judge ruled in 2015 that ALST was not biased, because it measured the skills necessary to teach.  Well that didn’t seem to make any sense to the liberal nitwits sitting on the Regents board. In fact, the board ordered that teachers who fail the test measuring practical skills (like lesson planning) to be certified anyway. And if they fall a little short of a passing grade, pass them anyway. This of course will make test taking more fair to prospective teachers, but it would seem to drop students deeper into the hole of ignorance because of dumb teachers. Dumbing down is not the right way to solve the problem of non-white teacher candidates failure to pass qualifying tests. What needs to be done is to make course material available to these people that will enable them to become smarter, hence become better teachers. American education has been sliding for years, and as long as the Regents board continues to make qualifying tests ever easier to pass, it cannot get any better.

If you’re wondering why today’s students have a tough time spelling or adding, look to the Regents board. These sorry liberal thinkers are responsible for the poor performance of both graduates and current students. They need to be replaced.
There are many, many more examples of Liberal idiocy, but there is space here for only a few.  We can explore more in the future.

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