Monday, June 6, 2016

Some Immigrants are like Sperm

I was surfing the internet the other day, not paying any particular attention to what I was reading, when I ran into this old quote from our fair-minded president:
“It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-religious sentiment or anti-immigrant sentiment as a way to express their frustrations.”
That was you and me he was talking about, assuming of course you are not a knuckle-head Liberal. This piece of speech was an attempt to explain why Conservatives (for the most part) don’t like him as president. But BO and his Schmos would rather believe we’re racists than dislike him because of his liking for Alinskiisms and his bent for Communist policies. Most of the people I know don’t give a hoot what color he is. They do care about what he does and says.
He called us bitter. You’re damned right we’re bitter. We must stand by while the biggest liar in the history of presidents lies whenever he thinks its necessary to slip something past us. And the Schmos applaud him. If we said we were not bitter, we’d be liars.
Yeah, we cling to our guns because there’s no rational person in the population who thinks we may not need them at some point. Many of these so-called “clingers” have collected guns and hunted all their lives. Only because BO is in the catbirds seat is there something wrong with owning a gun. We’ve come to realize our government is not our friend. We also recognize it as a huge bully.
Religion? What this clown’s beef with our religion? He said, early on, he was a Christian. All the while he allows Muslims into the White House and lets them dictate policy. While Muslim leaders endeavor, in the courts, to make any criticism of Muslim laws illegal, BO stands by and says nothing. Slowly they are taking over. For quite sometime there has been no mention of his Christian beliefs, and our president says nothing about the encroachment of Islam. In addition to being a liar, it may be appropriate to call him a traitor as well.
Yes, antipathy is growing inside us. We Americans, realAmericans (yes, that’s spelled correctly), have seen that what this administration stands for is nothing American. We believe in Conservative ideals, for the most part – there are some dimwits who remain dim even as the dark clouds of communism hover above. Low taxes, small government, freedom to mold our own destinies, are laughed at now as being foolish and unliberal. High taxes, huge government, and new regulations everyday is the “in” thing. The more people on the dole the better – it indicates the success of the government. We realAmericans watch helplessly as we are thrown over by others who claim to share our values, and we should not be displeased? Yeah, right!
What’s this about “anti-religious sentiment?” And this is the guy leading the charge against Christianity, particularly Catholicism. He very much would like to see Shariah law in this country. BO is a Muslim; he just hasn’t gotten around to stop lying about it yet. As for me, I don’t mind sharing the country with a few followers of Islam. I just don’t want to see them take over altogether, as it seems they want to do.

This immigrant business has been going on long enough.  First, somebody says let them in. Somebody else says no. Some others say they need a green card to stay here. Meanwhile, they’re coming in all the time, costing taxpayers billions of dollars a year, because liberals say we need to pay for the education of their kids and provide healthcare for their families, and there is absolutely no reason we should be doing this. (And, no, I don’t dislike Chicanos; I think they should forced to come into the country the right way. Just as my parents did. BO and the Schmos are talking about expanding the economy – more jobs for everybody – except the select few. Immigrants will keep coming – they will not pay their own way – they’re like sperm, you know, millions get in, only a few work.

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