Monday, June 19, 2017

Sticking It To the Gaggle

I’ve been waiting all morning to hear a report that President Trump started the horrific forest fire in Portugal that has swept a good part of the country and burned many towns and scores of homes.

After all, it’s just the sort of thing the Left would accuse the president of doing.

Also, I’ve been listening for an item that reveals the president’s complicity in Bill Cosby’s mistrial. Or the shooting of Congressman Scalise.

This just smacks of Republican shenanigans. There is no other reason for it. The Republicans have nothing better to do than perform outrageous skullduggery on the hapless populace. Then, of course, use the Left’s trick of blaming someone else.

Certainly the worst of Republican crimes is leaking. The scoundrels in the White House have a frolicking good time leaking on the government they have stewardship over, or so the Left would have us believe.

In my many years as an observer of politics I have seen nothing like the spectacle we’re seeing now. The unprofessional conduct of the Left leaning gaggle is momentous, frightening, and unforgiveable. That the once-trustworthy news media could turn colors and betray an entire country is unconscionable. The treachery displayed by them against Mr. Trump and his government approaches treason, in my view anyway. 

I well remember how the gaggle went after Richard Nixon. It’s doubtful whether the gaggle cared if Nixon was guilty; they wanted him out of office. (Though one wonders why they settled for Gerald Ford.)

The gaggle pulled out all the stops to see President Nixon off into retirement, but did all they could to cover the many crimes of Slick Willie Clinton and his thoroughly corrupt wife. We all know there is no shame on the part of the gaggle, so we won’t look for any. But how about some jail time? I have an abiding opinion in my soul that says if the Right stopped acting like a bunch of whipped pups and prosecuted some of the obvious crimes against the Trump administration, there would be a lot fewer crimes committed. Makes sense. Right?

The problem with this scenario is that the Left has the Right on the run. Republicans and those that lean right are afraid they will be accused of something. So they run and hide. When was the last time someone on the Left was accused of something that anyone in law enforcement took seriously? Makes one wonder what’s going on in law enforcement, huh? The idea that an eager investigator can’t come up with something with which to charge a guilty party on the Left is patently ridiculous. All the lying and the leaking and lowdown skunky behavior: There has to be some illegal activity somewhere; after all, this is the Left we’re talking about.

The thing that irks is instead of jumping in and helping the Trump administration Make America Great Again, the Honking Gaggle chooses to dig in its heels and go the exact opposite way. I realize there are those out there who like what BHO did to the country. Hell, I know one and this asshole brags about how wonderful he thinks the country is doing right now. Sure, he was doing fine on his NYS teachers retirement, never mind the 95 million people out of work. He didn’t care about them. Typical Leftist asshole.

It doesn’t appear that the Leftist media or the Leftist world at large wants to see America get straightened around after the devastation of the BHO years. They must like things the way they are. As long as they have a paycheck coming, the hell with everybody else.

Most of the people I talk to are of a Conservative bent. Few of them could explain what a Conservative is, other than “I ain’t no damn Commie.” But they can tell you what a Conservative America looks like – happy people, plenty of jobs, a means of taking care of themselves (meaning no welfare), opportunities for starting businesses – all things the Left despises. 

What Conservatives don’t do is turn on the President of the United States, tell lies about him and his family, and among other things, accuse him of crimes that amount to treason, with no proof whatsoever. Conservatives may disagree with the president, may even become angry with him and yell a few dirty words. This is legitimate.

But you don’t carry on the way the shitheads on the Left are doing. What they are doing amounts to treason and arrests should be made and prison sentences handed out. The Left has promised it will never let up in its attacks on the president. Powerful people on the Right need to grow a set of balls.

One way to stop the onslaught is send a few thousand Lefties up the river,  see them leak from Sing Sing.


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