Monday, June 5, 2017

Using RICO on the Left?

The liberal response to the president’s rejection of the climate treaty was predictable. Had BO rejected this monstrosity, which he surely wouldn’t, the response would have been much different, as we know. I applaud President Trump for not losing his cool over the hypocrisy of the left. This accord would have done nothing but raise our taxes (yours and mine), meanwhile accomplish nothing as far as climate is concerned.

 They say the seas are rising, some glaciers are melting, but none of it means anything insofar as our (you and me) causing the heat of the planet to go up. (There has been no global warming in nearly 20 years.) Climate can, and does, change on its own from time to time.

Science has lost out to politicsglobal warming enthusiasts trying to dupe the politicians into giving them free money so they can study global warming, called currently climate change because global warming is a lie, as if their jobs depended on it, which it very likely does. But if your job is dependent on lying and attempting to hoodwink the governmentand ultimately we taxpayersinto giving you money for something that doesn’t exist, you need to find a new project or a new job. We know it’s a taxpayer rip-off when we’re told that China and Indiathe two biggest polluters (and you thought it was US, huh?) haven’t paid a dime toward preventing global warming and likely will not. It’s all bee-ess, just like the accusation that President Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election. Though there is no proof for either issue, the gaggle of geese keep spitting and honking.

I even hear it said that Rhode Island democrat senator Sheldon Whitehouse thinks it’s a swell idea to use the RICO laws (those used to put the racketeers away thirty years or so ago) to prosecute we who deny global warming. Can you imagine the temerity of this prickto deny those with a brain the right to freedom of speech. Question: why doesn’t this liberal twit propose the use of the RICO laws to go after terrorists?

“Hey, you, c’mere. Say, you look like a terrorist, you walk like a terrorist, you talk like a terrorist; I’ll bet you’re a terrorist. You’re under arrest for being a terrorist.”

“But, Ossifer, I didn’t do nothing. Honest.”

“Don’t matter. It’s called the rat test. If you look like a rat, you walk like a rat, you talk like a rat, you’re a rat. Let’s go!”

Actually, I say this tongue-in-cheek but it really doesn’t sound like a bad idea.  Problem being, it’s terribly politically incorrect and would never be allowed. How about using the RICO laws to silence the politically correct crowd? What a blessing that would be. Added benefit: recidivism rates in prisons would plummetwho would want to serve time with these maniacs?

I also heard the president of Francecan’t think of his nameinvited all the “geese” who opposed the president’s rejection of the accord to come to his countrythey would be welcomed with open arms.

Thing is, a good many of the geese are wealthy peoplemovie stars (who should be boycotted), politicians, industrialists, ad nauseaum) who own their own gas-guzzling airplanes, polluting the planet with every flight. The movie people are the worst. They use their talents (such as they are) to become rich and famous, then use their wealth and celebrity to tell lies about the environment and call for elimination of our rightsvis-a-vie their opposition to the Second Amendment.

There is no reason to listen to these people, trouble being, some of them contribute muchissimo bucks to the democrat party. (Now there’s another group we could use the RICO laws to get rid of. Think of itno freaking geese honking at every move the president makes or that would vote against us in elections. (I have some friends here locallyboth liberals who I swear go to vote at every election for the past thirty years just to nullify the votes of my wife and me.) Geese would be welcomed in prison, as I am led to believe most inmates are democrats at heart. But most are politically correct-what the hell does that mean, anyway? Politically correct? What’s correct about it? I suppose there is a political element there someplacepolitics and political correctness both smack of being loaded with bee-ess. As does liberalism, for that matter.  None of it makes any sense. It’s all bee-ess. But why is bee-ess running the country. It just doesn’t seem as though the winners of the election are doing very well.

Every time our president proposes some act or law or whatever to help get the country moving, liberals, mostly media types, attack him. I’ve got to hand it to him; I think if it was me being attacked by the gaggle of geese at every turn, I would feel compelled to strike back. Likely, I would regret my words later, but I think there would be certain times I would have say something vile. President Trump’s every move is for the betterment of a nation laid waste by his predecessor. And the left doesn’t care. The geese are still hissing and honking because Hillary isn’t president. To them, it’s all that matters. Whatever Trump does for the betterment of the country won’t matter-it will be attributed to something or someone else. (Wow! The RICO laws are sounding better and better, aren’t they?)

It would nice if there was a way to silence the geese, but then this wouldn’t be America. There is that darned First Amendment, and last I looked it’s we conservatives who abide by it, fight for it. It’s the geese we have to look out for .


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