Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Are Liberals Really That Stupid?

It’s not that Liberals are stupid; it’s that they know so much that isn’t true.
I heard that phrase years ago and wrote it down. I’m not sure I remember who first said it – but I’m pretty sure it was Ronald Reagan. He said a lot of clever things, such as: Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem. He also said, The most terrifying words in the English language are I’m from the government and I’m here to help.
Clearly President Reagan  had a clear eye for government.
Quite different from what we’re dealing with now. This chump simply cannot see a limit to government. He reminds me of the narcissistic king of fiction who wore no clothes, in the belief that the clothes could not be seen by people unfit for office or were just stupid. Consequently, so as not to be thought unfit or dumb, everyone in the populace said they could see the king’s threads. He paraded around in his “new clothes”, and was heartily admired by all. Until some kid said, Hey, he ain’t wearing nothing! The pretense of wearing such finery was of course smashed, but the king continued strutting about in his birthday suit, as though nothing had happened.
It’s sort of like it is now, isn’t it? There’s this president strutting about (although in the $3,000 Italian silk suit), changing this law and that, and there are all of these people admiring him as he struts, while pretending they’re not stupid and unfit. It’s like, Wow! If the guy’s wearing an expensive suit, we’d have to be stupid for not admiring him. It’s like the same kid that bared the ass of the vain king, yelled, Hey, BO’s wearing a really nice suit! And everybody thinks, Wow, ain’t BO great?
The bottom line in Hans Christian Anderson’s fable is, once you weed through all the cute stuff about the bare-assed king and everyone saying they see his clothes to keep from being thought dumb and unfit, is whether the admired person, be he king or president, has achieved anything of value.
What do you think? We don’t know whether the narcissist king achieved anything good for his people. But we do know that the narcissist president has cobbled up a country that was doing pretty well at the task of provided for more than 300 million people, many of whom have no business being here – and the narcissist wants to invite in even more.
Maybe the real bottom line of all this is whether government has any value. Certainly not at the level currently in place. The least the better.

As your next president, let me say this about that. Hide your guns and buy lots of ammunition. As soon as you see a bigger, uglier government looming on the horizon, start shooting and don’t stop until the “king” is running around bare-assed! If you’re Liberal, you will of course be obligated to think the king has his ass covered. If you’re Conservative, you are of course smarter and you know better.

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