Monday, May 2, 2016

Candidate Voss Clears the Air

I’ve been working very hard to construct worthy planks for my presidential campaign.
By “worthy” I mean I want to forward to the voters an array of workable plans for the future of the country.
For instance, I’ve noticed that this guy Obama talks incessantly about how well the economy is doing. But he doesn’t mention the 95 million Americans out of work or that more than 50 percent of Americans are collecting food stamps. BO’s minions insist the unemployment rate is a mere 5 percent, when in reality – counting the people who no longer are eligible for unemployment checks and have stopped frequenting unemployment agencies looking for work – the real number in somewhere in the 18 – 20 percent range.
Another major issue that is fast coming to a head is gun control. There is no question in the minds of right-thinking people that gun confiscation is a Nazi idea. Let’s call it what it is – democrats frequently refer to conservatives as Nazis, but it is not us who practice Nazi principles, now is it?
Another issue that BO’s troglodytes have lied about is the supposed policy of ending the Bush-era practice of raiding medical marijuana distributors. The Justice Dept. said from the beginning that raids would not occur at dispensaries in violation of federal law as long as they were in compliance with state regulations. (My interest in this is that I have it on good authority that marijuana in its various forms can cure quite a number of cancers.)  However, the JD has engineered in excess of 100 raids on pot dispensaries (mostly in California) that are in full compliance with state law. In addition,  there have been nearly 200 Nazi-like, SWAT-team style incursions on dispensaries in nine states with medical marijuana laws on the books. If I am elected I will immediately use my executive privilege to prevent further violations of the laws of sovereign states. I would tell the federal government to butt out, this is a state issue. (Damn, I sound good when I get tough, don’t I?)
The BO administration is still wrangling around the “climate change” issue (better known as Global Warming), trying to sidestep the Supreme Court ruling that said the government should back off – the EPA has exceeded its authority.  What SCOTUS should have said, but didn’t, is there is no such thing as man-made Global Warming. – there hasn’t been GW of any type in like 18 years. Instead the Global-Warming liars came out with a man-made study stating 2014 was the warmest year in history. (Apparently, it was by all of two/ 100ths of a degree, hardly measurable.) But the same year also saw record ice, record snow and record cold. Polar bears were thriving, although the GW liars swore they had all but disappeared.  Moose in Minnesota made a comeback after experiencing a big drop that the liars blamed on GW. Turned out it was wolves that killed the moose. Wolves were removed from the Endangered Species list and found themselves the object of a hunting season. GW is a ruse by the government and environmentalists to extract more tax money from the American taxpayer. Some of you are maybe old enough to remember it was the same bunch of wackos who called for an ice age back in the 70s. It didn’t work, so they came up with the GW hoax. But beware of Bill Nye the Science Guy. This jerk-off has been gone so long he needs an issue to get back in the public eye. He’s yelling loud and clear that he thinks all Climate Change deniers should be locked in jail. Yep. But when I’m elected president I will sign an executive order calling for jailing all jerk-offs.
(Boy, if that don’t get me elected, there’s no hope for me.)
There are of course very many other issues we can talk about as time passes.  I’ve looked over each of those above and have my own ideas of myriad others. The country is in such an awful mess. But there’s one thing I know – after eight years of this crap, I know exactly what not to do

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