Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Casting a Smart Vote

Boy, it's good to be back in the blog chair again. Both my computer and I have had a trying time, especially, the computer; in fact, I just regained the use of it today. I was about to take it out and use it for drone practice.

The people responsible for hurricane relief would do well to keep the money intended for the poor and destitute away from the Clintons.
Following the earthquake that destroyed Haiti in 2010, Bill wormed his way into the job of UN co-ordinator of relief funds and, as you'll remember, wife Hillary was secretary of state, which put her numero uno as far as distributing the money and handing out lucrative contracts. The news was full of great ideas about how Bill and Hill and their filty rich cronies planned to spend the money to lift up the Haitians and rebuild the island. Fat chance of that ever happening. The three billion dollars available to help these people was mostly all stolen by the Clintons and their Democrat pals. All kept secret, of course. Couldn't have we honest Americans knowing about it.
Can you imagine? It's bad enough taking money from wealthy or even middle class people, but these bastards stole the lifeline of the poorest of the poor. The Haitian people were left with nothing. I hope Donald Trump throws this at Hillary in their next debate. If there really are all those thousands of undecided fence sitters - the dumbest of the dumb, perhaps this tidbit will change some minds, no matter how feeble. What the hell, our side will take votes any way we can get them.
I truly wonder if this election is as close as they say it's going to be. To me, it just doesn't seem possible that half (or more) of the country will vote for a criminal, who should be under indictment for multiple crimes. Possibly treason, if those emails were recovered (and since when is a person under investigation allowed to destroy evidence? You try that and see what happens.) Accepting bribes from foreign countries must be a crime. But there's been no noise about that. I would guess that an aggressive investigation and subsequent charges arising from the Bengazi deaths could result in charges of manslaughter. But, no, nothing there. Of course, we must take into account that powers that be are as corrupt as the perpetrator. As long as Obama controls the Justice Department, HRC is safe. If Trump wins, she could be in huge trouble. I, for one, would relish seeing that she is taken to court to face charges for her criminal deeds.
You people who will vote for HRC, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING? DON'T BE A DUMB ASS! The woman has been in public service for thirty-some years and never accomplished a damned thing! Nothing!
Ask yourself: Would you rather have a do-nothing sitting in the White House or elect a man who has built a multi-billion dollar fortune through hard work and industry? Would you rather have a president who steals money and the futures from the poorest people on earth or a president who stands for what is right and good in America? "Let's Make America Great Again!" What a wonderful idea.
In a few weeks we all will decide the future of our country. Let's be smart and not throw it to the dogs.

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