Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Racists Are Where You Find Them

The business at the border (probably all of them by now) is typical of this administration – it is unlawful, secretive and being lied about. Why, if the border patrol was ordered to return illegals from whence they came, does the country’s population increase with each reporting of it?
This is of course tacit evidence of the Democrat fear of losing the election. Open borders mean more pinko voters. The fact they are illegal voters means nothing to Democrats. Hillary must be very nervous about now; will she have to pay back the money she took from the many world leaders who fronted her the millions for the presidential run?  I know if I was the president of, say, Egypt and had deposited a few million in the Clinton Crime Family’s Campaign Fund, and Hillary blew the election, I’d demand my money back. I mean, you know, what good is my contribution going to do me if the broad ain’t in the White House. Know what I mean? Tell ya one thing; I would not want to be in the room while the foul- tempered cow is making out return checks.
Meanwhile, illegals, poor, sick and injured alike continue to flood the country. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a heartless Republican. If an illegal is sick or injured, he should be treated before being returned. But returned he should be. The fact the administration is allowing criminals into the country is shameless.
One major problem is that illegals are foreigners, and should a responsible American object to the entry of so many people here illegally, because the illegals are brown, or something other than white, the person objecting is called racist. Let me say, that if you are involved in the illegal entry of nonresidents into the United States, you are a criminal. You have, after all, ignored and broken the law.
I have hopes that sometime very soon the word “racist” will wear thin and be deemed obsolete. That will essentially put a muzzle on the liberal mouths in constant use of it. And haven’t we all grown tired of liberal mouths? I think the word has already lost some of it’s glow.
I wanted to have a chat with BO about this illegal immigrant business and about the proper use of the word racist, so I jumped in the Fredmobile and tooled to Washington, DC, sure that El Semi Uno would be glad to see me. I was wrong.
“Oh, for cryin’ out loud. How’d you get in here?” he asked.
“Oh, that’s no problem, Mr. President. The Secret Service men who were supposed to protect you were at lunch.”
“But it’s only 10 o’clock!”
“Well for heavens sakes.!”
“Anyway, whatchu want, Newshawk?”
“I wanted to speak with you about this business of you and your schmos arranging for all of those illegals entering the country – illegally – and then sending them so quickly and secretly to places they are not expected or wanted, has the whole country upset.”
“Yeah, so? Those objecting will be labeled racists and we’ll pay them no mind.”
“But many of the places they’re being sent can’t afford them. They’re too big a burden on local resources already stressed by your no jobs policy.”
“I have no such policy.”
”Of course you do.”
“Do not!”
“Do so! Oh, I forgot, you’re incapable of telling the truth. Can’t help yourself.”
As I walked toward his desk, I noticed an architect’s drawing lying across it.
“Wow, whatcha building?”
“If you must know, it’s the new mansion I intend to build north of my home city of Chicago, when I leave the presidency."
“You’ll be dropping your pants for George Soros one more time, I take it.”
‘Yes, Good Sweet Daddy George will front the money. I’ve just signed an Executive Order creating Obama Way in Grosse Point, my new ‘hood. It’s sad that several existing properties will be dug up to make room for it; it’s so nice being president.”
“Wowee, the property is huge. It looks as though there is a lot of room around the mansion. I see your new address will be 1600 Obama Way."
At that moment my cell phone rang, and I saw it was a call from my friend Joe the Builder, close friend of Joe the Plumber (most of you remember Joe the Plumber, right?).
“Just a moment, Mr. President, I have to take this call. Hey, Joe, what’s up? Have you found a site near Lake Michigan for the new Immigation Detention Center? No, not yet? Hold on, I think I have just the place. There are empty lots all around 1600 Obama Way in Grosse Point. An ideal site …”
“HEY, HEY,” yelled the president. You can’t dump them people next door to me …”

“You’ve already dumped them on everybody else!. Why, sir! Are you a racist?”

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