Monday, January 9, 2017

Update on Sunday's Wild Card Games

I had planned to get this info out earlier today, but my son is leaving for his home Connecticut early tomorrow and I wanted to spent a day with him before he left. With the Christmas season being as hectic as it was, we had very little time together. We made it up today. We enjoy each other's company.

Sunday's games went pretty much as predicted. Scores in both games were somewhat higher than I thought they would be - Steelers 30 point win over Miami was a bit of a surprise, but the Dolphins pretty much gave the game away with three turnovers and several stupid mistakes. Plus the Steelers held Jay Ajayi in check, while LeVeon Bell run for well over a 100 yards. The Packers 38-13 win over the Giants was also a pleasant surprise, but, as stated, if they could avoid the Lady-Bad-Luck bug and Eli Manning played a sub-par game (which he did), Green Bay would pull it off. As usual, Aaron Rodgers was brilliant.

Eleven of the 23 people to played our little game reported picking four winners, The others reported losing only one game. Well done, but we have two more weeks to go. I hope you and hopefully some others will join me later in the week to select their choices in the Divisional Playoffs. Two games on Saturday and two games on Sunday. Catch you later.

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