Monday, January 16, 2017

Sunday's NFL games were great!

Wow, were Sunday's games terrific or what?

The Packer's win over Dallas, 34-31, was awesome; Aaron Rodgers' magic worked again esp. in the final play of the game when he hit Jared Cook with that great pass! I dared to think (but only for a moment) that the Pack might lose that game. With third down and 27 yards to a spot where Chris Boswell could hit a field goal, I had my doubts. Then Rodgers hit Cook for 36, Cook skidding out of bounds on his knees, the line ref calling the pass incomplete, only to be overruled by the line judge. Man, what a game!
The Packer's secondary nearly gave the game away in the second half with poor play. Dak Prescott hit every pass he threw, which is what made the game so close at the end. We shouldn't have expected anything better, really. Packer secondary is plainly poor, ranking 31st in the league in yards allowed. Many of their better defensive backs are on IR, but they better get better before Atlanta or they won't make the Super Bowl.

I was pleased to see Pittsburgh knock out K.C., 18-16. I like the Steelers but not scoring touchdowns isn't going to cut it New England. Tom Brady and the Patriots score touchdowns, lots of them. Ben, Brown and Bell better find ways to get into the end zone if the Steelers hope progress to the big game.

Of the eight games, so far I've won seven. The Patriots covered the point spread against Houston and I bet they wouldn't. That's 871/2 percent. I haven't received very many results from you guys as yet. Let me know how you made out.

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