Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday's NFL Picks

Those who picked Houston and Seattle in Saturday's games did well. Today we must choose between Pittsburgh and Miami, and New York and Green Bay.

The Steelers are 10-point favorites in the one o'clock game. I think that's too many, but who knows. This game will feature two premier running backs, Miami's Jay Ajayi and Pittsburgh's LeVeon Bell, so expect a ground game. When Bell gets jammed up, Big Ben will go to wide receiver Antonio Brown or TE Jesse James. Miami's starting QB Tannehill is and out may be a problem for the Dolphins who need all the help they can get. Steelers (I don't know about covering the 10 points).

No team has had worse luck in the playoffs in recent years than the Packers. If they can avoid Bad-Lady Luck, look for Aaron Rodgers' magic to carry them over the Giants by a touchdown. Of course, this assumes Eli Manning plays at his current low level. If Eli has a typical Eli playoff game, this could turn into a real barn-burner.

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